Machine Learning

We use comprehensive AI powered solutions to find engineering solutions critical to humanity such as carbon sequestration, green-engineered solutions to farming, and sustainable energy.

Materials Engineering

We are the first organization to set the bar at real net negative emissions for our carbon negative concrete, and our AI powered innovate solutions create disruption in the fields of synthetic fuels and solar panel manufacturing

The Team

Cette AI was founded in August of 2016 with one goal: to disrupt the market that doesn't prioritize innovation helpful to humankind


We offer AI Solutions as a Service in the following fields: Computer Vision, Cybersecurity, Financial Analysis, Quantitative Modeling, Trend Forecasting, Timeseries Forecasting, and Custom Deep Learning Solutions


Cette AI, established in Montréal in 2016 by Michael R. Lafave alongside two other passionate co-founders, is an innovative deep learning startup poised to radically revolutionize the materials engineering process. We are an ambitious, forward-thinking company dedicated to leveraging the power of cutting-edge deep learning techniques, aiming to usher in a new era of sustainable and profitable business solutions in three key industries: concrete, solar energy, and fuel. The combined market value of these sectors exceeds an astounding $10 trillion, representing an enormous opportunity for disruption and growth.


We stand at the precipice of change, armed with our patented technologies that promise to bring about a transformative shift in these industries. Our focus is on promoting eco-friendly, sustainable processes, and we do this through our pioneering development of carbon negative concrete, our inventive approach to solar panel manufacturing, and our groundbreaking recycling technology that converts waste into usable fuel. Furthermore, our technology will eventually  identify causes and cures to diseases.